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Re: It's no different than film was....

Stacey_K wrote:

The case you seem to be trying to make is I should have ignored this new improved film because a good photographer could make nice images (and make up for?) this new, better film? No one would have refused to use this new improved film back then, why should people do it now?

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Actually, while that seems to be the point you want to rebut, but it's not one I've made. My point is that for many people, their demands for better cameras (or their criticism of existing cameras) is suspect whenever I see that they don't demonstrate competency with the gear they have to the extent that that they have pushed the limit of that gear. They can go ahead and buy the new gear as is their right. But they shouldn't expect the same level of credibility in talking about the need or advantage of said gear (or the disadvantage of older gear) if the photos they post (or even some of the reasoning they present) shows that they haven't enough expertise in photographic basics which apply to any camera.

How often have we seen posts complaining about noise levels, and the offending photos are underexposed? Or complaints about softness in photos where camera motion is evident? Or blown highlights in a shot taken in direct/harsh lighting conditions?

This thread started out talking about how older Olympus models can still produce top notch photos. They can, and do, and will continue to do so. And many of them, in the hands of the right people, produce photos that are overall superior to many we see made by supposedly superior cameras.

My stand, take it or leave it, is that I'm not impressed by someone who takes mediocre pics of their kids playing in the backyard as proof of how great their latest and greatest camera is compared to an older model from a "non-preferred brand". It has nothing to do with whether they can or should buy said camera. I say have fun with whatever gear you want and can afford. My point has to do with whether they try to tell me they are taking great photos just because they have a great camera, when the evidence implies they should have saved the thousands they spent on their great gear by buying a P&S and using the money saved on a nice trip somewhere.

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Some people operate cameras. Others use them to create images. There is a difference.

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