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Re: Thom is right, rather have EM5 over EP5 with my hard earn $1000

007peter wrote:

Thom is right, I too struggle to see how a similar price E-P5 fit against an EM-5.

I amid it is vey nice to have another choice for high end m43 camera.

BUT - at the end of the day - I much rather have an EM5 wtih EVF than a EP5 without an EVF.  Those extra feature on E-P5 doens't seem to any significant improvement for me to choose it over EM5.

I'm more curious to see who among us would choose an E-P5 over E-M5.  I wonder how many would actually BUY EP5 with their own money?  That is the true measure of a camera success.  If E-P5 sells well, then Olympus is right.  If E-P5 doesn't sell well, then Thom is right.

For a left-eye shooter with eyeglasses, the VF-4 would appear a godsend. If you're a right eye shooter, you probably don't run into this problem as much, but us lefties have to approach the viewfinder at an angle to avoid shoving our right thumb into our eye or nose.  The EM5's smallish viewfinder and cramped controls don't work too well for lefties, especially 4-eyed ones.  A viewfinder with a BIG, FF-sized image, a high eyepoint, AND placed a respectable distance from the controls (and even tilting, for crying out loud) is manna from heaven.  An EM6 with a VF-4 sized EVF wouldn't do the same thing.  In this regard placing the viewfinder at the left corner of the back is a much wiser ergonometric move than keeping the faux OVF positioning right over the optical axis.  It's one of the reasons that many of us with DSLRs opt for the medium sized bodies rather than the small body versions - the bigger body SLRs have larger, brighter viewfinders and less cramped controls.

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