Do i need a new camcorder or....?

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Re: Do i need a new camcorder or....?

Zoom71 wrote:

My budget is around 1000-1200$. Thanks

With that kind of budget you can buy any number of still cameras that are also competent at video.   The Sony A57 is currently on clearance for about $500, a reduction of a couple of hundred dollars.   Like the GH2, it's a very good still camera that's unusually good at video, too.   It didn't get adopted by pros as much as the Panasonic, but it is far better than a dslr at video because it uses an electronic viewfinder.   That means the viewfinder doesn't black out when shooting video and the camera can continue to use its normal autofocus system.   It's a good camera if video is a priority, and pretty good for stills, too.   You'll be left with money to buy another lens, if you want.

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