Normal shutter count on new D600?

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Re: New cars...


... don't come with 0 miles on them.   It's considered normal for people to do test drives, and the car is still new with a few hundred miles on it.

Just saying that cameras could be thought of the same way.   Sort of like New is when the warranty period begins.

Cars acquire miles in the process of moving them off the assembly line, loading them onto transport, and moving them around a dealership. For import cars there is the getting them off a truck, moving them to a holding lot, moving them onto a ship, moving them off the ship, moving them around the import center (where they are cleaned up after an ocean voyage), moving them onto a truck to the dealer...

In most cases, a car that is used for demo purposes is sold as a demo. Some variation does occur, but you don't put a car in a box when going from factory to dealership.

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