Normal shutter count on new D600?

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opusone wrote:

In a private email response I got to this question from Thom: "Maybe, but unlikely. More likely is that it was at the store, brought out for someone to try, they made a few shots, they didn't buy it and it was reboxed. That's pretty common, much like test driving cars is. At 120 shots or so I wouldn't worry about it." -- Thom Hogan, writer/photographer

I've heard this from others. I've also heard from others that it is never done. And I've seen both answers in these forums.

I'm sending it back and will NOT buy another D600. Why wait for 1k-3k shots as others have reported to find out I've got an oiler/dust bucket? Will it go bad on me in the middle of a shooting trip? On Bali? In Greece? Then what?

After five Nikon bodies without a hitch or a glitch, and 20 years of buying gear from B& more.

Unless I decide to pop for the D800 and more computer, I'll just stick with my D700.

It could very well be my last Nikon.

What a strange reaction from unrelated issues;

you get a reply from Thom that essentially says regarding a low shutter count; 'I wouldn't worry about it' and now you are worried about oil/dust.

you never considered this before asking him about shutter count?


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