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Begging the Question

Most people who say they wouldn't invest a penny into 4/3rds right now are functioning on what I believe to be fallacies of logic.  They assume that no one wants to upgrade to anything less than the current best (not matter how huge a jump up it would be say from an E-510 to an E-30). They assume that everyone buys new. Also they seem to believe that a camera is not good anymore after a new camera comes along that feels newer. They also neglect the great prices of 4/3rds gear right now, the specific needs it might meet, and that Olympus has repeatedly said straight out that there will be a body for 4/3rds glass. Of course they seem to believe that their individual desires represent what everyone wants, and that every purchase needs to be future proof. And finally, there is a sentiment of "get out now while you still can." While there is nothing wrong with changing systems now, neither is there any real disadvantage with changing systems later if you want to.

There are names for all of these lines of thinking I'm sure. Red Herring, Begging the Question, Perfectionist fallacy, Composition fallacy....  But I'm just learning the names.



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What if the hokey pokey really is what it's all about?

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