What about this grouping for Nikon DSLR forums?

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Re: What about this grouping for Nikon DSLR forums?

the entire concept of stratifying forums based only "gear" and being linked to skill level is a ludicrous one. the gear u use does not automatically entitle one to a specific skill level, nor the ability to not ask "stupid" questions, nor create "stupid" posts. trust, i have been monitoring both nikon forums (DX/FX) to realise both have their "stupid" members.

i currently shoot with a D7000, use quality, pro glass, and yet u won't find me thinking i'm automatically superior OR inferior to anyone based solely on my gear. i am getting increasingly better results with each successive shoot. do i somehow feel i don't belong "here" b/c i shoot a D7000? of course not. i have viewed several galleries from this FX forum, and frankly i'm not always impressed with what i see using these "high-end" bodies and glass, OP included. furthermore, i've seen galleries from members in the DX forum whose work far surpasses some of those in this forum.

just b/c u own an M5 doesn't make u a great driver, a more skilled driver.......may only mean u have the means to own a german sports sedan.

and lastly, it gets old of hearing the "whiining" from members about having to read posts they don't enjoy........like lil pansies. IF u don't like a topic, do like most others do, and SKIP it. it's easy. i do it ALL THE TIME. they USUALLY post the subject of their post in the.................wait for it................SUBJECT HEADING. no one forces anyone to read each and every post.........informative, stupid, and everthing in between. the "back" button serves me fairly well in that regard.

i visit these forums mainly to LEARN from other photographers, all skill levels; their photographs, their questions, and their responses. is each thread always relevant to what's important to me? no. does each member use the exact same gear i use? no. but does that mean i can't still benefit from reading the occasional post that has little relevance to me? i absolutely can.

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