Normal shutter count on new D600?

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Re: Normal shutter count on new D600?

Lesson learned for you: that is the first test you do after you take the camera out of the box. One shot in JPG, check it in Opanda or other EXIF viewer. The number wants to be 1. Another indicator is whether the camera put you in setup mode, asking you to set date & time when you first turned it on. If not, then it's been used.

On the flip side, both of my D600 bodies, though they had zero count at first, now have shutter actuations that don't match the photo number (both under 9999 at the moment). It's bizarre, and I have had better things to do than figure it out, but I'm pretty sure if you edit a picture in camera (say, from NEF) and save it to JPG, it bumps up the photo number, and I think if you do funky things with the dual slots (format 1, but not the other), the photo number goes up, though, of course, the shutter count is the actual number. Do either of those, and you might see a photo number that is greater than the number of photos you have actually taken. To know the actual number, shoot a JPG file, then read it in an EXIF viewer to examine the number of actuations.

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