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Re: Thom runs a website, Olympus runs a company.

pdelux wrote:

jim stirling wrote:

My last half  dozen DSLR cameras have had 1/8000th of a sec shutters and from tens of thousands of frames I have never used it

I guess People Dont ever need to use ND Filters...

I said "I" did not use 1/8000th sec  , I did not say no one did . I own and use both FF and mFT and I cannot see a scenario where I need 1/8000th sec considering the multitude of fast lenses , as an example my D800 has a base ISO of 100 , and  I have  several fast lenses including a 35mm F1.4 ,50mm F1.4, 85mm F1.4 .Bearing in mind  that I live in Scotland and not in Florida , the instances where I would need to use 1/8000th of a second are rather few in number . The times when I would need to use a ND feature to tone the shutter speed down to 1/8000th ate fewer still. I can get the same DOF on FF at F2.8 as I can with F1.4 on my GH3,s  .


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