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Re: The trouble with Sony and Fuji

TrapperJohn wrote:

They don't have squat for glass. And what's the point of a system, if it has little glass? It looks good on a spec sheet, I guess.

Thats a stupid statement to make for someone who is buying mirrorless for compact size. If you had lots of lenses and carrying them around then your system is not compact. If you have lots of lenses and do not carrying them around then you are stupid.

Second I agree that those who use NEX use them without lenses, only m43 camera companies are the ones who sell camera and lenses. Others only sell camera body and do not have a squat for lenses.

I will give Fuji credit - they do have a few lovely primes, very much in line with the 'Leica on a budget' market they're going for.

Sony... a few huge, pricey, and mediocre NEX lenses.

C/N... their micro efforts seem more geared towards convincing the faithful that the dslr is better. It's sort of working... for a while... but even fanboys wake up, eventually.

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