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Re: Thom runs a website, Olympus runs a company.

g_r_w wrote:

jim stirling wrote:

My last half  dozen DSLR cameras have had 1/8000th of a sec shutters and from tens of thousands of frames I have never used it

There only seem to be a dozen cameras that have 1/8000 of a second shutters, over half are $2,500+ body only and then 3 of those are probably $10k+.

Well my recent DSLR cameras have all been Nikon D70, Nikon D2x Nikon D300s,D700, D800, D3s,D3x  all have 1/8000th  my point was not the cost of the feature  but the  usefulness of it to me

So it puts the EP-5 in elite company (it also means you have expensive taste unless you're buying on the cheap end!!).

The D7100 with a larger better sensor with better C-AF than any mFT body is  around $1100 or $ 100 more than the E-P5 body only  ( no EVF ) so not such a price difference , If you only want a sensor that is a little better then you can have the D7000 for  under $900 with 1/8000th shutter. I am not so familair with Canon but if I recall ( always a gamble ) even models as far back as the 40D had a 1/8000th shutter speed

I have to say that I use ND filters quite frequently, but probably more than a stop (or 2 stops if you add "low" iso").

It would be nice to have a little more leeway without having to carry them around all the time.

I also use ND but mainly for video sip not an issue , I am not suggesting that though I do not need or usea1/8000th  shutter  speed that others will find it very useful.I live in Scotland so my problem is more commonly wishing  for extra light  not dealing with excess amounts lol


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