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Different pix of slumbering monster

Well, Shirley, certainly not to the people in the affected area, but Mt. St. Helens was really not an enormous eruption and the mountain itself was not one of the larger Cascade volcanos (though one of the most beautiful, before it self destructed), even before it lost its top. Mt. Shasta is number two and Mt. Rainier is the big one. Both have lots of people living below, and if either blows, it could be a major disaster. Because of the enormity of the population living along The Puget Sound, a major eruption of Mt. Rainier could be an unimaginable disaster. It's considered to be potentially the most dangerous heavily populated area in the U.S. And that is why standing at the base of Mt. Shasta gives me the creeps. Neither Mt. Shasta nor Mt. Rainier are extinct, they just sleep.

I took some wide angle, and short telephoto shots of Mt. Shasta, too. But, you can get in close with a short telephoto and take the panels to stitch, and shoot them in portrait position, if you wish, thus getting more sky and foreground. What comes out is a wide close up( sort of ) with much more vertical coverage. A wide angle is going to give your subject less prominence in the photo, unless you're very close, and a long telephoto is going to give you only your subject, in the photo. Don't know if I explained it clearly. Does all that make any sense?
Here are two shot in a single frame to compare with the pano. One at 14mm, one at 54mm.
  And, you couldn't get me to live in that nice house on a cattle ranch for all the rice in China, India and Japan, put together. I've been studying geology, and especially vulcanology and plate tectonics since a boy, and volcanos fascinate me, just like a rattlesnake does. Rich



same pano

By the way, the pano was shot 50 miles South of the first two.  So, in the first two pix, you can't see Shastina ( a parasitic cone on the NE flank of Mt. Shasta ) as you're looking straight into it.  In the pano, Shastina appears more prominent and closer than it actually is, which is what I was going for.

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