Creativity vs. IQ ... Which one has more weight?

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Another version of "it depends."

Daisy AU wrote:

Hi All,

I was wondering what you all think regarding the following:  Let's say that someone takes a very nice shot, interesting, with good composition, pleasing colours, creative, etc. BUT the image is somewhat noisy, not tack sharp, etc. .. i.e. the IQ is not what you would consider good.

One problem with "a very nice shot" that is technically flawed is that there is just too much work out there is that both creative AND technically competent.  We are deluged with images: what standard are you going to use for a baseline?

Another problem is that it's easy to assess technical quality but "creative" is,  ahem, a fuzzy concept if you know what I mean.  It's certainly more subjective.

Still more problematic is if any of the "lo-fi" attributes are intentional or contribute to the story of the image.  If not, then as a critique wouldn't you want the photographer to know what to improve?

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