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Re: who cares what he says?

tedolf wrote:

Pikme wrote:

Seriously, he is just another guy who bloviates about the business decisions these companies make.  If he is such a marketing genius, why isn't he a Chief Marketing Officer for some Fortune 50 company?

Take a look at his end of year predictions - my dogs have at least the same rate of success.  ANd he has been predicting the end of Olympus for as long as I can remember.

I have no problem with him or what he writes - just that anyone thinks his opinions are any different than mine or my neighbors or my kids or anyone else.  I don't get why people take him so seriously.

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Roberto M.


Thom Hogan makes Tedolph look lke a reasonable man.


Notice Thom Hogan is sniffy about Nikon's competitors. look at his latest V2 text where he is apparently lavishing praise on the ugly beast. Imagine if  Oly or Samsung had designed that dog!

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