Creativity vs. IQ ... Which one has more weight?

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Brick wall

happypoppeye wrote:

Daisy AU wrote:

Hi All,

I was wondering what you all think regarding the following:  Let's say that someone takes a very nice shot, interesting, with good composition, pleasing colours, creative, etc. BUT the image is somewhat noisy, not tack sharp, etc. .. i.e. the IQ is not what you would consider good.

Would you dismiss that photograph because of all the inferior technical aspects, or would you still consider it good work and worthy of acknowledgement / appreciation?

I personally place more importance on the composition and creativity than the IQ.

Any opinions?

On the other side you take a photo of a brick wall (which you see a lot of around here) with perfect sharpness, color and clarity and would you consider that better because of the IQ ...a lot of people do.

Brick wall photos are made to prove a technical point and has no other value IMHO.

When I think of pictures that has captured my imagination or made me want to go back and look at them again - or buy the book in which they are published - technical IQ is secondary.

On the other hand there is a threshold of technical IQ which must be present for me to stay interested. The height of this threshold depends inversely on the subject matter; I am more willing to accept poor technical IQ if the subject matter - or artistic merit - of the picture is otherwise interesting.

But are we not discussing the mind vs. matter duality here? I think the two cannot really be separated. You can point to the extremes and say that neither a technically perfect picture of a brick wall nor a picture of miss universe taken from 10 km away with an iPhone on a cloudy night are interesting, but where the balance tips depends on both the picture and the viewer.

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