D7100 @ the City (SB-700)

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Re: D7100 @ the City (SB-700)

Daisy AU wrote:

MrIchiro wrote:

Pretty girls in bikinis? What's not to like!? Keep posting OP! To be frank, they're only pictures, I don't know why some people get their panties bunch over harmless photos. It's not like they're engaging in lewd acts or behavior.

I'm in Asia and we love these sort of photos, and its just something not really worth getting upset over. The only times you might refrain from taking photos are in red light districts, but even then that's up for debate.

Yes?  They are only pictures?  How would you like to see a photo of your daughter's/wife's/sister's bum plastered on the internet?  I think we all know how some men think about women ... you are a perfect example!  For your information, to most women, THEY ARE NOT ONLY PICTURES!!  They are a form of invasion of ones private space and are a reflection of some men's disregard for the opposite gender.  Would you like the OP that took these photos to visit your usual beach / swimming pool, etc and focus his attention on your daughter/wife/sister while they are going about their life?  I seriously doubt it!

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Daisy AU - Brisbane

Women are actually the ones disregarding the opposite gender when wearing sexual appealing cloths (barely no cloths actually) and wanting to stop men's natural desire (psychological castration) when their first goal is actually to catch men's sexual attention.

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