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Re: This is why...

Shunda77 wrote:

nfpotter wrote:

I almost stop coming here, over and over.

Do you think you would be missed?


Why? because they call it for what it is?

A: if you go out in public in ANY urban environment these days you ARE VERY, VERY likely being photographed - and more than likely by "big brother".  Get used to the idea, it's not going to lessen.

While I have no regard for modern political correctness, I also have no regard for the fools that give the PC police their ammo.

If you or anyone else is going to shove a long lens towards a girls backside and then plaster these pics all over the internet, YOU are the ones wrecking it for everyone else.

I can appreciate a beautiful woman and am far from prudish, but I sure wouldn't feel right turning my tele lens on some teenage girls backside for the sole sake of taking a picture of her bum.

Some of those shots (not all) were voyeurism, lets not pretend they weren't.

So you call yourself a PC cop !!! LOL !!! Get a life !!!

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