What about this grouping for Nikon DSLR forums?

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Re: What about this grouping for Nikon DSLR forums?


While I suspect it won't work, and won't be done, I can certainly see the point.

This forum used to be far more technically astute in years past.   Certainly at a higher level than I typically can contribute.   Then the D700 came out, and I could see the level of expertise dropping.    Now the D600 is out, and the level has dropped again, and does at times seem more like a D70-D90 forum than a D1-D3 forum.

I see a pretty simple correlation.  When the price of the cameras in the forum dropped to $3000, a lot of 'strong amatuers' and fair amount of 'wealthy hobbiests' started posting, as opposed to the mostly pros previously contributing.   And some of those pros stopped visiting.

Now the price of entry to the forum has dropped into the $2000 range, and it's brought in a lot more people with less knowledge than previously.   Now we're seeing more and more beginning-hobbyists-with-a-lot-of-money posting.   And yes, it does get tiring to some of us to see post after post about people that seem to be amazed they should ever need to clean a sensor.

I don't have any idea what to do about it, other than try to help educate others to what level I can help.  I do miss posts from Marianne and others, though they were often well above my level of technical understanding.  I did always learn something from them, and it's helped me to understand my gear in much more detail.

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Obviously fora should be stratified according to price of camera. $3000 and above, $2999 and below. That should make most people happy.

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