Normal shutter count on new D600?

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Re: Normal shutter count on new D600?

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When I got my D600 it had around about 200 actuations on it... Knowing that a brand new camera should come with around 0, I took it straight back to the store I bought it from, they confirmed the camera had been used before and gave me a brand new one.

The reason I suspected it it had been used before was because when I turned on the camera the language and time had already been set on it...

Language and time had already been set on my D800E. It came from a local shop and I picked it up as soon as it arrived from Nikon. I know they didn't open the box. It had one actuation after I took one shot.

Some people here may make the argument that it doesn't matter if it has been slightly used, personally if I'm shelling out a large amount of money I want the peace of mind that comes with a brand new product.

I feel the same way, yet I also like the ability to return a camera or lens if I'm not happy with it. That means someone has to take my rejects. Neither the store, nor Nikon could write off all the items that get returned.

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