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Re: E-M5 versus cheaper PENs

NZ Scott wrote:

You think that it is a "stretch" to argue that size and weight are important features of m43 cameras?

Mate, that's the main feature of the whole system!

That's not what I wrote, you clearly misunderstood my point.  I've never argued that they are not important.  In fact, that very premise, is part of the reason why I believe that the EP-5 is a value proposition against the E-M5, which Thom Hogan has ignored, when not everyone needs an EVF, internal or otherwise.  If you read some of my other posts in this thread, you'd realise that.

They are certainly principal reasons for buying into m43 and maybe the first reason why anyone looks at m43, but they are not the only and overriding considerations when buying in or choosing a body.  It will always be about finding a balance between feature availability and size.  If the determining factor was size then everyone would be rocking a GF-3 or EPM-2, but they're not, because there are other considerations such as IBIS, internal EVF etc, etc.  There is a point for any user where the lack of a particular feature make something a no-sale.

Let's swap technologies for a second - why do you buy a mobile phone?  The principal reason is to receive and make phone calls while mobile. Yet most smart phones have poorer reception, call quality, talk time and stand-by time than mobile phones from 10 years ago.  But guess what, those old phones don't have the internet or Wi-Fi or social media integration or a camera and the list goes on.  So, in the end, you sacrifice on the principal reason for buying the mobile in the first place, because you won't sacrifice the other features - you've made the compromise that you can live with.

You might be able to argue that a cell phone from yesteryear is better at its primary purpose, but you would be hard pressed to say it is as feature rich.

Remember, my comment with reference to the E-M5 and EPL-5/EPM-2 was about feature set, not about relative value.

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