going full frame,,,just some silly questions...

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Re: going full frame,,,just some silly questions...

sandy42900 wrote:

till now have only 550d, with some good lens like tokina 11-16, canon 100-400, 50mm1.8 and canon 18-135, now i basically am an hobbiest photographer who travels a lot and love photography, so now i have made up my mind to go full frame as i miss the low light photography in the evenings on my travel. i have two options-

1) i buy a 5d mark-3 with kit lens (24-105),  and keep my 550 d as second body for wild life and birding as 100-400 will give me more reach and i can use my tokina also.

This is the best choice if I were you.

2) i go for 6D with kit lens (24-105) or if you guys strongly feel (24-70 f2.8) and replace my 550 D with 7D body only , that way  i can do some good birding and wildlife on my 7D and low light on my 6D.

If you mainly shoot landscape and portraiture, yes 24-70L II (I guess you mean mark II) is a better lens than 24-105L that will reflect in photos.  If you mainly to shoot static birds or slow moving animals then your 550D is OK or cheaper APS-C models such as 60D is sufficient.

3)sorry one more option , just stay put and wait for 7D mark 2...

Now the latest rumor suggests 7D2 will not be available until next year. In addition 7D2 still will not as good as 5D3/6D in IQ (just check the latest Nikon DX models for example) in low light and at large size.

would really appreciate some help

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