Any Lightroom 4 alternatives that cost less?

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So I'm trying Lightroom 4 trial and it's awesome for NR and highlight recovery....but not sure I can plunk down the $150 for it right now.... any lower priced alternatives out there that can compete? Thanks.

I generally use PhotoNinja. It is lower cost than LR4/5 and, I think, better in converting raw images although it does not have all of the LR functionality. There is a trial version available.

You might also look at Corel's AfterShot Pro. It is also a decent low cost alternative to LR4. Unlike PhotoNinja it has pretty much all of the LR functionality plus some additional stuff LR does not have (like simple masking). It is not, IMO, as good as LR4 and it has not been updated by Corel in some time, but it is a decent editor. I assume there is a trial version available.

I also sometimes use Sagelight which is a first class editor although it is not a workflow tool like LR. It is a very low cost tool ($40 license) and does a first class job although there have been some issues with some people not getting their licenses. You could download the trial and see if it works for you.

There is also the LR5 beta which is free to use until the beta runs out.

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