Creativity vs. IQ ... Which one has more weight?

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Re: Creativity vs. IQ ... Which one has more weight?

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Daisy AU wrote:

Hi All,

I was wondering what you all think regarding the following:  Let's say that someone takes a very nice shot, interesting, with good composition, pleasing colours, creative, etc. BUT the image is somewhat noisy, not tack sharp, etc. .. i.e. the IQ is not what you would consider good.

Would you dismiss that photograph because of all the inferior technical aspects, or would you still consider it good work and worthy of acknowledgement / appreciation?

I personally place more importance on the composition and creativity than the IQ.

Any opinions?

Depends on the image. If it's captivating enough IQ may not matter whatsoever. If it's on the verge of interesting IQ may matter a lot.

Why would IQ then become important? I don't understand the correlation.

When the merit of a photograph is not clear, the viewer will take into consideration other characteristics in making a judgement.

For example, the famous photograph of a charging WWI soldier being shot as he surmounts the bunker he was in is horribly grainy and blurred, but the emotional content of the image is so powerful that any technical criticisms are swept aside.

McCurry's photo of the young Afgani woman is riveting because of her intent glare and McCurry's composition but also because of the perfection of focus and aperture.  IQ and creativity synergize, but the image would be powerful even if slightly imperfect.

Scenes in which a strong sense of reality is the connection invite assessment of a more technical nature.  Many architectural images are like this.  Landscapes are often this way as well.  These sort of scenes invite extremely close inspection, immersion. But those with people or animal familiars in them can succeed almost exclusively on the emotional/creative level.

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