Samsung 45mm f/1.8 Review (2d)

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Re: 45mm on NX10/NX11 ?

Tjalpics wrote:

You may be right, Usee and de_klaas. After I received the email I visited again to see about other lenses. According to the site's compatibility check the 20-50, 60 and 85 mm are not compatible with the NX10 and NX11 either. Which is nonsense of course, because the 20-50 and the 85 mm firmware updates are on's NX11 download page. That's quite contradictory.

Samsung is somehow strange according their site updates...

...I had to push them more than once to update their lens listing with the Samsung lenses I already used (12-24mm, 45 mm and the 50-200 OIS III in black and white) before they listed them on their pages!

Probably they want to 'urge' their customers to buy newer products/cameras. On the other hand, it could be that Samsung can't and won't garantee the newer lenses perform as stated on the older bodies and softwares/firmwares. Your NX1000 is about 2 years younger than my NX10.

Maybe, but in my opinion they should rather promote the compatibility for older cameras to improve the confidence of their existing and future customers...

The problem is, here in Holland you can't just order a product and send it back only because you don't like it (like on Amazon U.S.). Once you unpack and try it, they won't take it back unless it's faulty. So I'll be screwed if it really doesn't work on my NX10 (NX11mod), because Samsung told me so upfront.

That is good and bad somehow, but I'm sure someone will test the combo for You...

...otherwise You can plan a photog trip in the Alps and make a little shortcut...

So if there's anybody out there with a NX10 or NX11 body that wants to try the 45mm out for me, I'd be very thankful.

You just have to be patient.

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