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MrScary wrote:

What is Wrong with the Photoshop that you be using NOW ?? It is NOT going to stop being usable is it..Neither is Lightroom.

If you happen to be one of those that buys every updated camera that comes out, then Fool You..Sorry to say that, but you do NOT need to update your camera every year or two years, do you. But if you got a 3 or 5 year old camera (or older) and you do need a new one, fair enough, but the RAw file in that camera can be opened with the software that comes with that camera, so from there you then save as a Tiff and open your old photoshop and go from there..

You or me will NEVER use All or either of the New updates in New PS that comes out so what is the fuss about. You can still use layers in a TIFF file if you use layers that is, so no need for a psd file is there.

I'll stop here.

I agree with you completely, as you probably know by now. But, I like to learn about many things.

For example, I'm a Canon SLR and DSLR user and have much Canon gear going back to the film days. However, I like to learn about Nikon DSLRs, Sony, Pentax, and so on. To some extent, I'm tied to Canon because of the lenses. Same with regard to Adobe. However, I have much more invested in computers and building and wood-working tools. I don't play favorites much. I use whatever works really well.


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