"I'm not sure I get it" - no I don't believe you do

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I think he makes some good points

I think he makes some good points. I only read your (OP) summary, not his complete article. I think the P5 looks like a really nice camera and has some very nice features. But the EVF is going to be a make or break issue for a lot of buyers. I use the EVF on my E-M5 the vast majority of the time. I use the LCD when working on a tripod and occasionally use the touch/focus/shoot technology. But in general I want and need an EVF. The VF4 on the P5 makes the camera much bulkier and, in my opinion, really detracts from the otherwise really good looks. The body with VF4 is priced well above the E-M5 body when it was released. Again, I think it's a nice camera and it will appeal to some folks.

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