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Re: E-M5 versus cheaper PENs

g_r_w wrote:

NZ Scott wrote:

I can easily make an argument that the E-PL5 and EPM-2 have "features equal to or exceeding the E-M5".

The most important of these is RAW image quality, which is absolutely identical between the three cameras.

The E-PL5 and E-PM2 are smaller, lighter and cheaper than the E-M5, all of which are features in their favour. Weight and size are the most important features of M43 cameras - otherwise you might as well shoot DSLR.

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I wouldn't say that that was "easily".  I'd consider that a bit of a stretch and this is coming from someone who values portability very highly on their list.

You think that it is a "stretch" to argue that size and weight are important features of m43 cameras?

Mate, that's the main feature of the whole system!

I'm not a P&S upgrader, I'm a full frame side-stepper.  I travelled around the globe with a 5DMk2 and the standard 24-70 & 70-200 fast zoom set and various primes.  That's probably 15kgs of gear each day - so I understand the "value" of portability.

This could become an issue of semantics i.e. which is the better camera versus which is the more suitable camera.  (The implication being that "better" is about performance.)

I'd also argue that "cheaper" isn't a feature.  All things being equal (even though quite often they're not!) - price is a product of features, less features equals lower price.  Also, consider it this way - if the cameras had no cost, "cheaper" would cease to exist.  But you would still have "smaller" and "lighter".

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