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Re: E-M5 versus other PENs

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Sure the E-P5 has a few features that the EM5 does not have -- but the E-PL5 has some of them -- probably the key ones -- and the EM6 sure will have them and more.

An d what's with you calling the E-P5 a "fauxz rangefinder" while you compare it with a DSLR? Don’t you mean a "faux DSLR" -- the EM5?

Yes - I probably did mean faux DSLR since we're talking mirrorless... they're both "faux". But the point was about form factor to which most have come to differentiate those with a pentaprism like box to those without as DSLR versus range finder regardless of how accurate those designations are in technical terms, unless you want to be pedantic about it. I don't think it makes the point less valid.

I don't really get your point about the EPL-5. It has some of the key features of the E-M5... so does the EPM-2, but I'm pretty sure that you couldn't make an argument for either camera that they have features equal to or exceeding the E-M5, but you could for the EP-5.

I can easily make an argument that the E-PL5 and EPM-2 have "features equal to or exceeding the E-M5".

The most important of these is RAW image quality, which is absolutely identical between the three cameras.

The E-PL5 and E-PM2 are smaller, lighter and cheaper than the E-M5, all of which are features in their favour. Weight and size are the most important features of M43 cameras - otherwise you might as well shoot DSLR.

Erm no weight and size are not the most important features of M43 cameras they are considerations. Usability, image quality and added value are more important. A potential customer will ask themselves is this a camera I can use, is this a camera with which I can express myself and my experiences and  can I share those images/experiences easily, people do not want to miss the moment...

They are the most important features of the system in comparison with its main competitor - the DSLR. In fact, this is supported by your own statement.

Usability = size and weight

Image quality = same as cropped-sensor DSLR

Added value = ?

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Usability DOES NOT equal size and weight. They are components along with how easy is to go from what they were shooting prior with ie  point and shoots, bridge cameras and mobile phones (these users find it easier to migrate to PEN LCDs than DSLR users who refuse to let go of OVFs), live bulb mode is far more usable than doing the same on a DSLR, same goes for black and white or sepia shooting etc.

Several errors here.

Firstly, you assume that all M43 users were previously using point-and-shoot cameras, which is simply not the case.

Secondly, you assume that little-used features such as live bulb and sepia shooting are more important than the fundamentals of the camera.

Image quality satisfies it's target market.

Added value already touched on or watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9CxokcDIoI

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Erm no I did not say "ALL" mft users upgrading from p&s..... In fact i covered everyone!

No you didn't. Here is your quote:

"...they are components along with how easy is to go from what they were shooting prior with ie  point and shoots, bridge cameras and mobile phones."

You will notice that you said "ie", meaning that EVERYONE who has migrated from m43 did so from point-and-shoots, bridge cameras and phones.

I think you'll find that doing black and white, sepia and the other art filters is very important to "ordinary" consumers who dont want to spend half of their lives fiddling about with lightrooom presets.Live bulb is a feature that people either use straight away or rediscover later on.

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Well, I'm sorry but I think you're living in Lala Land if you think the main appeal of M43 systems are sepia shooting modes and live bulb. The biggest appeal of M43 is without any shadow of a doubt the fact that it allows people to carry a DSLR-quality image maker in a compact package.

I don't know anybody who's bought an M43 system for its ability to make sepia photos.

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