7100 - 1.3 crop?

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Re: What about related exposure measure ?

JJ Winkel wrote:

Isn't that contradictory, as if really acting as a 2x crop would imply using only the 1.3x view to calculate exposition, leaving out the part that is not used and that could negatively influence the exposition measurement ?

But I guess the exposition sensor is not masked accordingly, or is it ?

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1.3x crop mode acts just like a smaller sensor with larger viewfinder, i.e.:

- exposure measurment only image part, including flash measuring.
- Auto ISO shutter speed increased.

It confused me a bit first time, but after got used I like this behaivour. The only thing I miss is outer area darkening in viewfinder just like in D4.

For me additional area in viewfinder afford more creativity on-site, and less headashes in PP.

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