"I'm not sure I get it" - no I don't believe you do

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Re: "I'm not sure I get it" - no I don't believe you do

g_r_w wrote:

I read the following article by Thom Hogan after following another EP-5 thread:

I have to say that I agree with the title, but not the sentiment of the article.

It might not be fair to quote out of context, but feel free to read the whole article (I'm sending him hits aren't I?!)

From Thom's article:

"Do we really need a EVF-less version of the OM-D E-M5 that has an optional EVF?"

"Worse still, we have that giant VF-4 option for the new E-P5 and we get a, well, we get a OM-D E-M5 that's a bit ugly and even taller, but has a better EVF, but costs more. "

I think he seriously sells the EP-5 short.  There is nothing to suggest that the EP-5 has less features than the E-M5, in fact it probably has more... it is just that some features are less "serious".  Swap out weather sealing for Wi-Fi - which feature is more "valuable"?  Surely it depends upon who you ask.

Swap out an internal EVF for an in-built flash (I have to smirk here) and increased portability.  There are a lot of people that would exclaim that no EVF means no sale, but they're kind of forgetting that there is an ENTIRE generation of people brought up using smartphones as a camera that have no EVF and have no experience using an EVF.  It is second nature to use that big frickin' screen and hold the camera out at arms length to take a photo.

Then throw in the other improvements not mentioned, 2x2 control dials, 1/8000 shutter, "low" iso etc.

Finally, form factor is a FACTOR.  To some, DSLR compared to faux range finder is a consideration, for whatever reason: ergonomics, portability or aesthetics.

He seems to feel that it should it be priced $200 less so that it will fall nicely into a price range gap, but should it be priced $200 less because it is less of a camera than the E-M5? I don't necessarily agree.

Would the camera be more attractive if it was priced $200 less?  Sure, but then what wouldn't be more attractive priced $200 less?

I think Thom thinks in terms of product ranges over time.

At some period in the future, the EM-6 (i.e. EM-5 repalcement) or whatever it si called will come out.
It will have everything the E-P5 has except perhaps onboard flash.
It may have a few new things too.
At that point the E-P5 will be overpriced compared to eh EM-6 whcih will presumably be the next model up.

This of course assumes that the EM-6 remains the top of the line.

I believe that Oly has said that the OMD will be a series and implied that there may be a model above the EM-5(or it's EM-6 replacement).

If that turns out to be the case, then perhaps the E-P5 pricing at parity with the EM-5 makes more sense.

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