What about this grouping for Nikon DSLR forums?

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Re: What about this grouping for Nikon DSLR forums?

mlewan wrote:

Even I, being a pure hobbyist myself, start getting tired of the large number of fairly basic questions from D600 owners in the "FX" forum. Would it make sense to re-organise the forums in the following way?

1. Pro Forum. This would be for cameras Nikon calls Professional: D4, D3, D800, D700 and D300. But not D600. It would (unfortunately?) include hobbyists like myself, but only hobbyists who have chosen to invest in high end gear, and who hopefully have much higher than average knowledge of photography.

2. High End Consumer Forum: D7100, D600. The owners of these cameras usually have at least some basic ideas about what photography is, so they might share experiences with each other. As far as I understand, these cameras lack not only a full magnesium alloy body but also some very basic functionality like a dedicated AF-ON button.

3. Beginner Consumer Forum: D3200 and probably D5100. Absolute DSLR beginners would probably typically choose these cameras. They have things in common like their inability to autofocus with non AF-S lenses.

No grouping is perfect, of course. Personally, I would fall not only in group 1, but also in group 3, as I have a D5100 as backup. The people who have excellent skills and little money would fall in the "wrong" forums, and people with little skills and a lot of money would also get in the "wrong" place. However, I have a feeling the grouping above would make more sense than what we have today.

There should be only two forums,  a dedicated d600 forum and one for everything else.

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