Upgrading from a NEX-F3 to a NEX-6 - what can I expect?

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Upgrading from a NEX-F3 to a NEX-6 - what can I expect?

Hi all,

I have recently begun my journey into ‘manual’ photography and I’m loving every minute of it. I upgraded my old point-and-shoot to a Sony NEX-F3 at the beginning of the year and have been studying and practicing hard. The purchase was designed to test whether this is something I’d want to get into more, and having clearly decided “yes”, I’m thinking of whether an upgrade would be worthwhile.

I’ve been toying with the idea of upgrading to a NEX-6 to improve on the following (perceived) bug-bears with the F3:

  • Viewfinder - very hard to take photos during bright sunlight on the F3 + the screen is getting scratched and interfering with framing the shot (even with a protector on)
  • Poor low-light capability
  • Lots of noise at relatively low ISOs
  • Generally just want to move away from the low-end now and get something that can really let me grow into as I improve

But I’m also interested to know, based on the fact that the F3 and 6 have the same size sensor, whether the NEX-6 would actually take better quality images, or will the improvements just be functionality-based ones due to the different features in the body/software? Perhaps I’d get more improvements in IQ from upgrading the lenses on my NEX-F3 rather than re-using my existing lenses on a NEX-6 body? (I’ve got the SEL1855 and SEL16f28). What sort of IQ improvements could I expect upgrading to the NEX-6? Note that I'm starting to shoot in RAW now and adjust in Lightroom so I'm interested in the fundamental image quality rather than how the camera applies all the various visual settings at the time of shooting (am I right to be thinking like this?).

The other question I have is relating to the choice between mirrorless and DSLR (can of worms I know). Obviously I want to get the best IQ possible but like everyone in this position I love the portability of the mirrorless cameras, even with bigger lenses on. I’m trying to work out what the actual differences in IQ/capabilities are with DSLRS - I believe autofocus and noise/low light capabilities are the main factors (as well as lens selection which I’m less worried about at this stage). I’m so critical of the shots I take on my NEX-F3, I’m trying to work out how much can be improved by upgrading the camera/lens vs by me simply getting better at taking photos.

Thanks for reading, look forward to your thoughts!


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