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Daisy AU wrote:

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Daisy AU wrote:

MrIchiro wrote:

Pretty girls in bikinis? What's not to like!? Keep posting OP! To be frank, they're only pictures, I don't know why some people get their panties bunch over harmless photos. It's not like they're engaging in lewd acts or behavior.

I'm in Asia and we love these sort of photos, and its just something not really worth getting upset over. The only times you might refrain from taking photos are in red light districts, but even then that's up for debate.

Yes?  They are only pictures?  How would you like to see a photo of your daughter's/wife's/sister's bum plastered on the internet?  I think we all know how some men think about women ... you are a perfect example!  For your information, to most women, THEY ARE NOT ONLY PICTURES!!  They are a form of invasion of ones private space and are a reflection of some men's disregard for the opposite gender.  Would you like the OP that took these photos to visit your usual beach / swimming pool, etc and focus his attention on your daughter/wife/sister while they are going about their life?  I seriously doubt it!

There is no 'private space' in a public area.

Actually, there is something everybody should be aware: a photograph cannot be used for a commercial purpose without the consent of the people recognisably and prominently presented in the photograph giving their approval. Similarly the 'owners' of the objects prominently represented in the photograph may need to give their consent.

Now, publishing on the net? In many cases this is deemed as commercial use. Although no money may have changed hands it is still often a commercial arrangement - eg Facebook has exchanged services of monetary value (ie hosting) in return for  the user handing over the considerable value of the reproduction rights of anything you place on Facebook and the permission to track and record your use of the site. The same is with this site, DPR. When you posts photo here, though one may think "here it is, for your enjoyment", this is a very very commercial site. Every click generates money, hence posted photos are commercially used.

Even if you consider this as blogging  and you  make no money out of it, doesn't matter. In most cases you will have entered into a "commercial arrangement" with a hosting body who provides you with a service in return for them being allowed to use your content to generate revenue. If it comes to a legal challenge the only question is whether you or the hosting organisation or both are liable. You may be able to figure it out from the 27 page terms & conditions you clicked 'accept' to.....May not be legally binding, though, but inconvenient - for sure.

Daisy asked it from the  moral standpoint, which should be just fine to reach conclusion. For those stubborn to "see" the problem, there are legal grounds why these photos may not be acceptable to be posted here - DPR is to answer that question as it should be their concern too. Not everybody buys and reads "yellow tabloids" and none was ever a template of even a good read. It's not about some puritanism, just a matter of thinking beyond one's butt....YMMV

Thumbs up!!

Legalise, morality and that "freedom BS" aside.

Taking photos of young women and strangers on the beach with a camera ... creepy.

Taking photos with a telephoto lens ... creepy taken to the next level.

Posting it up on DPReview.com ... fail.

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