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Re: I reckon Hogan is right on the money here

AllMankind wrote:

g_r_w wrote:

I don't really get your point about the EPL-5. It has some of the key features of the E-M5... so does the EPM-2, but I'm pretty sure that you couldn't make an argument for either camera that they have features equal to or exceeding the E-M5, but you could for the EP-5.

I think you are missing the point of Thom's article, and that was that the EP5 is overpriced for what it offers, especially when compared to the EM5.

No - I'm not missing the point.  His point is that head-to-head the E-M5 offers more than the EP-5.

He specifically asks the question:

"Where's the value proposition for the consumer?"

and states that:
"I personally can't make a case for the E-P5 over the E-M5"

He's saying that dollar for dollar - the E-M5 represents more value than the EP-5 at the same price.  Essentially that:

- weather sealing
- internal EVF
- ability to add on a battery & grip
is worth more than the addition of:
- Wi-Fi & app support
- increased portability
- and a host of other improvements including 1/8000, "low" iso mode, interval-o-meter, internal flash and arguably better controls.

I think he's making an assumption about how many users would value each of these features respectively.  I'm not saying that every user has to value the EP-5 features over the E-M5 features or vice versa.  I think you can quite easily make an argument for either camera.

If I was to step further into speculation, I feel that the way it is framed - he's saying that the E-M5 has more "serious" and therefore more valuable features than the EP-5, because let's face it, Wi-Fi and app support is basically for the hipsters.

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