What about this grouping for Nikon DSLR forums?

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Re: How about just merging two DX forums?

I dont think its hysterical , the "pro DX" label was to differentiate between two very different groups of camera . the new nikon "a" is effectively a P+S but has a DX sensor ,does this mean this would also be included in the (one for all) DX forum.

while I admit the D7000 /D7100 ,are very capable cameras ,with better DR /ISO performance (down to the sensor), the so called Pro models D100/200/300/s are pro not because of thier ultimate picture taking ability ,but because the were biult ,designed and assembled from the ground up as Pro Grade Models, this does not mean simply a better sensor, though when they were made ,they had the best sensors available "at that time" , its because the biuld, weather sealing , control button layout ,and uncrippled controls and menu,s .

members in each forum should be able to relate to each other when asking questions about thier cameras , it does not help to have models with different controls bundled together ,then instead of getting help you will get ,members guessing and offering advice on cameras they dont or have never owned .

what I find really Hysterical is the fact that DPR have bundled the D1/D2/h,s  in the FX forum when they clearly belong in the Pro DX one .

the D600  is the first FX to be made using the enthusiast level of controls and features , and to be honest ,most will agree it has far more in common with the D7000/7100 than the Other FX models , Being almost identical in layout and features, to the D7100.

its awkward to get it right , for DPR  ,as Nikon appear to be changing so many of thier models this past year ,but not owning a particular camera type does not exlude us from visiting or asking questions/commenting in any of the forums .

It does not matter what any of us think about the forum layout ultimately ,we can stay or go , there will allways be those that complain about thier model being in the "wrong" forum , DPR cannot win in this respect , but as long as we can ask our question in any forum ,picking a suitable forum for the question should get the result we want ,regardless of what Model we own .

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