Color Difference after monitor calibration

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Re: Color Difference after monitor calibration

tom graham wrote:

ps- at least in Firefox 12,  an "about:config" in the address bar, then a search for "color" will bring us several hidden Firefox settings. Important one is - gfx.color_management.mode

As for todays Firefox version:

More right to the line involved with this setting, you have to point to the monitor profile
In my case: C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\color\_Eizo_130411__87-78-100_h60_c46_sat0.icm
(Within the file-name I have written some important hardware settings of the monitor)
This line indicates compatibility and usage of version 4 profiles
More to the right something like "user - boolean - false"
Do change that in true by double click to the line.
Line to switch on and off and the way it is using color management
This has to be "user - integer 1" (one)
Even some special color rendering intents can be used (comparable e.g. as in Photoshop):
Value 0 = "Perceptual"
Value 1 = "Relative Colorimetric"
Value 2 = "Saturation"
Value 3 = "Absolute Colorimetric"

By using a plugin, you can set these values also by the user GUI of that plugin:
<< Color Management plugin >>

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