Any Lightroom 4 alternatives that cost less?

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Re: Aftershot Pro

The thing that worries me about that, is that Adobe said something about Lightroom having some additional features within the "cloud" so...I think that's how they started with Photoshop...

I believe this statement has been retracted / corrected: LR is one of the programs that you get within a CC suite subscription, is all. The fact of using a program within a CC membership offers you some cloud features inherently - in that, you have some cloud storage available to you as part of that membership. Also, you can make use of the cloud to share your software settings across local installations of the product on different computers, and to authorise/deauthorise these computers for the software, within the total number you are licensed to use. I would not expect any more than that in practice - these things will be useful to some.

The initial indication has already done some confidence damage, though, in that some people have concluded the whole LR functionality is going to be delivered differently in the future. There is no evidence at this moment, that Adobe have any plans to do so - nor, that the kinds of thing which LR does, are even amenable to delivery over the cloud with current technologies.

It is worth pointing out that even Photoshop CC which DOES have some actual cloud-specific functions, continues to deliver all its current core (CS6) functions locally just as it always has.

There is the added opportunity to participate in some remote-calculated extras, if you want to. But AFAIK, this is just like subcontracting processing to a plugin - perhaps we can call this a "plugout" - in that the results of this processing come back as a plain bitmap layer, which can THEN, once the processing has happened, be seen and used equally well by another person with or without the same plugin / access to the same cloud features.

It is hard, by contrast,  to see how LR could do one thing for one person, and another thing for another person, working from the same source image data via the same metadata parameters. I am very skeptical about seeing different LR flavours any time soon, except in the rather peripheral ways mentioned above.

Also I believe that Adobe understand: Elements and LR belong naturally in a different type of user market, than the Creative Suite offerings do.


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