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wait till ....

well wait till the replacement of EM-5 come along, then it can be real issue, with the pricing ... indeed , judging from all the recent forum comments regarding this matter, Olympus do seem to made a ( if not mistake ) a marketing blunder by pricing the E-P5 this way, and this is not help by the fact that Olympus continuously placing the E-M5 as a more up market product in the lineup.

We can all argue that there is technical advantage that the E-P5 offer, but this to me is more reflection of technical advance that the years made. Instead of truly placing the E-P5 in line ( price vise ) as same sector of market as that of E-M5. So when that new OM-D come ( likely within this year ) and its getting even more updated version of these advance and likely more, how should the pricing be, even more expensive than E-P5 ... that's pushing the price way too much.

Regarding such, Sony had been the wiser guy all along. Sony been in the consumer electronic longer than any other in this business ( other than Panasonic ) and know the drill. Take a look at their NEX-5N / 6 / 7 pricing model, and that of feature sets. That give clear and concise pricing differentiation and reflect in the build.

I can understand the logic behind Oly's , which for their part, they might consider the E-P fully the equivalent of the OM-D , except its in a different form factor ( marketing and product marketing guys ) but if they do think so, then they better not keep presenting the Om-D as their up market top end, or they simply need to be able to justify the E-P and market it. As of now, its not getting across.

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