Sony NEX-7 or Olympus PEN E-P5 for travel photo/videography?

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Re: What you are after, says the PEN E-P5

Where does it state the bitrate? Would be great if it had better video.

As for IBIS and steady-cam, I think you exaggerate a bit but it is a welcome feature.

Just Having Fun wrote:

tellure wrote:

What I'm after:

- Great still image quality (quality lenses, sensor, focusing, etc.)

- Good HD video quality

- Good stabilization for handheld video

- Good low-light / low-noise performance

- Compact size

I thought the OMD had great video quality except the bit rate was too low.  The P5 improves that.  Of course the 5 Axis IBIS make all video (even with manual focus lenses) look like they were shot on a steady-cam because only it can stop camera twisting/rotation and keep the video level.

That IBIS also mean low light performance will be better since it work on every lens and is slightly better than most in-lens IS out there.

Focus is no contest.  The Olympus will be faster an more accurate.  I tried the NEX 7 and NEX 5 and while they were fine outdoors, indoors they had many issues.  The OMD was much better.

Size goes to the PEN too.  Not so much for the body, but for the better pancake lenses and overall lens size.

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