Lightroom 5 Beta and Snow Leopard

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Re: I ran into the same issue, however

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Afterall the later the OS, the more it uses native code, which should make it faster. For me, the steps to new OS's have always increased performance, not the other way around.

Mac OS X has always relied on native code for running native applications.  It was in classic Mac OS where Apple was running parts of the OS on the 68K emulator for a while.

Only since Lion has Rosetta not been available on OS X.

Your claim was "the later the OS, the more it uses native code, which should make it faster".

In many versions of classic Mac OS, there was code (e.g., in the Finder) that was 68K-only.  That code had to be run by the 68K emulator on PowerPC-based machines.  In other words, even if all of the applications you ran on your PowerPC-based Mac were PowerPC-native, you couldn't avoid using the 68K emulator.  There was no way around a speed penalty (if the speed was CPU-bound, more than it was disk-bound or human-reaction-time-bound).

Snow Leopard includes Rosetta, but it doesn't use Rosetta for running Snow Leopard itself, and it doesn't do much of anything with Rosetta unless you are running PowerPC applications.  So there is no "Rosetta speed penalty" for running Intel applications on Snow Leopard.  Removing Rosetta in Lion did not increase the percentage of native code used for running native applications.  And "native code" is not the reason for any speed boosts in Lion or Mountain Lion.

My view on all this, is that both OS X has advanced, and those applications that have taken advantage of those advances, have gotten faster.

I've had many macs, and with the old systems, one used to upgrade the OS, and straight away things went a lot faster, and more reliably.

However, things got more complicated with the later versions of Apple's old OS, and there was a file problem in upgrading one of the versions of system 8. While faster, I myself lost huge quantities of data doing such an upgrade. From that time onwards, I have held back on updating OSs. But up to then, I regarded an Apple OS upgrade, as a safer thing to do.

But every time I've upgraded, I've found things run faster ... although now doubt, with old machines, that may not be the case.

I wonder is there a site somewhere, that actually has tested the changes of Apple OSs, vis a vis the OS's performances on doing basic things, and then Apple key Apps, and then third party Apps? It would be better to have some professional testing, rather than our own "feel".

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