Fuji Raw Colors in Lightroom/ACR

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Re: JPEG's a bad idea

David McGaughey wrote:

I'm still a big RAW proponent because:

1. There's far more "latitude" in the RAW files

2. You can change the white balance

No matter how good the JPEG processing is, the format is crippled in regards to those two points.

You are way overrating the preciousness of the photographs here. IMHO, if the camera cannot pull enough details out of the shot, playing with Raw files will not rescue the shot from mediocrity. Fine WB adjustments are fine with JPEGs, and actually Fuji nails the WB way more often than it does not.  My pictures are usually not worth the RAW format hassle for me, and there were only a few times when I thought I may have benefited from RAW-based processing.  Its funny how people get fussy about perfect color matching and white balance in their pictures.  It's not what makes or breaks a shot and shooting JPEGs saves a lot of times.

Befoe you accuse me of being a luddite, I have been RAW-developing Canon files in LR since the RAW shooter, or whatever the software Adobe bought was called.  Canon files usually need the RAW processing, Fuji and Olympus typically don't. I was told that Leica files pretty much require it.

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