6D vs 7D --- Image Quality (there's no comparison)

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Re: 6D vs 7D --- Image Quality (there's no comparison)

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I keep trying to like the 6D, because of its low-light abilities, but the positions of its controls are just too frustratingly different from the 5D- and 7D-series, and in low light, I need to be able to operate the controls by feel. At this point in time, I am figuring on either saving longer for a 5D Mark III, or waiting to see if the 7D Mark II or 5D Mark IV will offer the low-light AF ability of the 6D, or even opting for "none of the above." (It is not a matter of "jumping ship," as I am already shooting with both Canon and Nikon cameras, though my Nikon F6 is a film SLR.)

I handled a 6D at an electronics store just last evening, to try the controls once again. I shoot in low light at work, evidentiary photography, primarily with a pair of 7D cameras, and adjust my ISO regularly. Why must Canon arrange the buttons and dials differently on the 6D, compared to the current-generation 5D and 7D? Sometimes, I have to hurry along, such as when fellow emergency workers are blocking a major roadway, at considerable personal risk, so the ability to work the controls reflexively is important.

I can perform my job with APS-C or FF DSLR cameras, so it would be nice if some of the 6D's low-light AF ability will "trickle down" into the 7D Mark II, as it will probably appear on the market well before the next 5D model.

I have a 7d and a 6d and it took a while for me to get used to the different layout of the 6d controls, especially at night. I ended up practicing during the day so that I could use the 6d blindfolded.  now I am used to it. I can't imagine why you would prefer a 7d at night. I love the 6ds size an weight even though my hands are average size for an American Male. now I only use my 7d when I need the reach, which is usually for birds.

Actually, I did not buy my first 7D because of its low-light capability, but for birds, wildlife, pets, and youth sports. I use my personal cameras at work, and found that my 7D was a better night-time camera than my 40D, so I eventually acquired a second 7D. To try full-frame, I acquired a pre-owned 5D, with controls very much like the 40D. Unfortunately, the original 5D has no weather-sealing.

Perhaps I should rent a 6D for a week, and see if I can adapt to its controls.

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