Any Lightroom 4 alternatives that cost less?

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Re: Aftershot Pro

IME, ASP is buggy and Corel seems uninterested in fixing it or making it support cameras that have been out even for a year.  Check out the Corel Aftershot Pro forum to find out how unhappy people are there:

I own both LR 4.4 and the latest ASP.  I gave up on ASP and now use LR, but I am concerned about what Adobe has up their sleeve for LR.  I sure wish Corel would fix ASP though since it runs on Windows, Macs, and Linux.  It has some good points but, sadly, many deficiencies.  It would also be great if it could use a LR catalog and convert it while maintaining all the info and editing adjustments.  Corel bought the company that made it (Bibble) and then a few months later fired all the Bibble developers.

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