I will buy the lens you recommend! 24-hourpoll! Minolta BBC vs Sony 55-300!

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A vote for Sony 55-300 based on actually photographing in a school auditorium

I just photographed my kids at a talent show with a Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 on my A65.  It worked and I am happy with the videos and photographs I have.    When my kids were on, I moved into the ailse and crouched down and got a good video.

But for the photographs I took of other kids, seriously, only being able to go to 70 mm in a small auditorium was bad.  I had to sit several rows back to get a reasonably sized view of the stage.  And then I had to constantly shoot in between peoples heads.

If I had been able to go to 55 mm, that would have been much better.  I would have been able to pick a seat closer to the stage and avoided photographing around peoples head.  Almost every photo I have of other children has fuzzy bottoms or edges from out of focus heads.  (of course I will crop those out when I share the photos.)

I have the Sony 55-300 SAM zoom lens.  It is a real nice lens and I can recommend it.  That is my vote.

(School auditoriums typically do not have super bright lighting.  That is why I took my f/2.8 lens instead of the 55-300.  It was the right decision.  But probably it would have been okay with the 55-300 since it goes to f/3.5 I believe.  The images would have been just a little noisier from picking a higher ISO in order to keep the shutter time short.

It could be the Tamron 70-300 USD has a little better IQ.  I do not have one so I cannot say.  I have read on a German website that the Tamron 70-300 USD has a little bit better IQ than the Sony 75-300 which I also have.   In the little informal testing I have done between my Sony 55-300 and Sony 75-300, it seems to me the IQ is equal.  Slightly different actually, but overall equal.

Then of course there is that little issue that Sony will probably never have lens corrections for Tamron, but it eventually will, if it does not already, have lens corrections for the 55-300.   As near as I can tell, the German review saying the Tamron was better was with lens corrections off for the Sony.

I also have the Sony 18-135 and it is an excellent len.. But since you are only asking about telezooms to also shoot sports, I would stick with Sony 55-300 recommendation.   Also the 55-300 is quite a bit less expensive than the 18-135.

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