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MrIchiro wrote:

Pretty girls in bikinis? What's not to like!? Keep posting OP! To be frank, they're only pictures, I don't know why some people get their panties bunch over harmless photos. It's not like they're engaging in lewd acts or behavior.

I'm in Asia and we love these sort of photos, and its just something not really worth getting upset over. The only times you might refrain from taking photos are in red light districts, but even then that's up for debate.

Define "lewd acts or behavior".

It's defined in many laws...penal code 314 of California is a good example. Actually pretty easy to consistently determine if a post is lewd. Many published guide lines to go on.

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And as exactingly enforced, I might add.

I saw a news story a couple years ago, about a poor old, demented man, in his late 70's, in a small town in southern Oregon, who was walking around naked in his front yard.  The sensationalist news media followed up with a quote from a woman who claimed "she had to shield her children's eyes".

This poor man was arrested, and then later found to be completely bereft of mental faculty.

Shall I continue, Mako, or are we "off topic"?

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