ClearView vs. VF-2

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Re: ClearView vs. VF-2

BobT wrote:

Can anyone comment on the differences between these 2 different viewfinders.  I know the specs of each, so no need to tell me what they are or how they work.  I'm more interested to know if the VF-2 is 2X or 3X times better in what it does than the ClearView: as the cost differenses are about that much. For use on the E-PL2.  Thanks.

I cannot compare the two because I have only used the Clearviewer. I find it very useful and worth its cost. A proper viewfinder is not important enough to me to invest in the electronic ones, but my eyesight is no longer good enough for manual focusing with the LCD unless I put on my reading glasses. I use the clearviewer to manual focus with a legacy 50 mm lens and for video clips, for which autofocus doesn't work well enough on my GF1+20mm combo. With the legacy lens I still get some shots out of focus but that's likely due to not being fast enough in adjusting focus (the subject being a toddler). With video, I am sometimes not precisely sure of the focus through the Clearviewer, but I hunt around and usually find it again. The effect is acceptable for my home movies, but would not be for serious work (unless you want the intentional technique of focus adjustments used in one-camer shows like The office). Also, in bright sunlight the Clearviewer helps but not all the time. If the sun is right behind you and you'r not wearing a baseball cap, the LCD can be invisible even with the Clearviewer.


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