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It's no different than film was....

Your rant reminds me of when some film developments happened in the mid to late 1980s.

When I first started shooting with a 35mm in the 1970's, I quickly learned that I had two choices for decent quality, slow slide film or 100 asa print film. Even 400 speed print film at the time was VERY grainy. Then I got a medium format camera and found up to asa 400 print film still looked fairly decent. With a 4X5 camera the film issues were no longer a problem.

The problem was the slow 35mm film created problems hand holding for sports or doing outdoor macro work etc and using a medium format camera has it own limitations. Obviously there are a lot of subjects a 4X5 simple won't work or would be very difficult to deal with. I did work around the limitations and figured out ways to get an image, sometimes it did require many mistakes and testing to get "decent" results. I did miss many opportunities when, like for instance, something happened and I simply couldn't set a high enough shutter speed to stop motion blur etc.

Then Kodak introduced the "PJM multi speed" press film that worked great at 640 asa and the grain looked close to what older asa 100 film did. You could over and under expose it by quite a bit and still get great images. This brought new opportunities to what I could shoot and when. Fuji then released NHG 800. Between these two films I could focus more on my subjects and spend less time trying to resolve the technical difficulties of using the old slow film in many situations. As film improved, the slow films also got better so when I could easily use slower film, the results were better than I got before as well by a good margin. I could capture with a 35mm images that would rival the ones shot with medium format (using the old film, obviously medium format with these new films looked even better!)

The case you seem to be trying to make is I should have ignored this new improved film because a good photographer could make nice images (and make up for?) this new, better film? No one would have refused to use this new improved film back then, why should people do it now?

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