Actually, I was the photographer when the Swedes... Wedding with 12-35mm

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Nice job overall -- you captured a lot of emotion and the flavor of the event.

My only critique would be related to the reception shots. Your shutter speed was obviously too slow to avoid motion blur. When shooting action in such low light settings with flash, you need to either shoot in Manual Mode with a shutter speed of at least 1/60 Sec -- or shoot in an auto mode with the slow flash shutter speed set to 1/60.

Slow shutter speed flash shots can be creative for a few images to portray motion, for example a few dance shots, but you don't want everything to have that effect.

Judging from the reception shots you were probably shooting slower than 1/15 second which will always result in ghosting and light streaks.

Regardless, you did a really nice job on everything else.

God Bless,


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