Actually, I was the photographer when the Swedes... Wedding with 12-35mm

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Re: Actually, I was the photographer when the Swedes... Wedding with 12-35mm

Jeanadriane wrote:

Hi everybody,

It's been quite a while since I was active in this forum. Travelling got in the way, more specifically staying in a tiny Caribbean island where internet only recently got upgraded to a whopping 2Mb/sec. Max, that is - the average is half at best.

However, I did a wedding here! And actually, Anders, 't was me who was the wedding photographers when the Swedes tied the knot! Young Swedes who initially came here as volunteers, then landed in jobs, and now are starting a family.

I used to do weddings in a previous era, with Contax SLR's + Zeiss lenses, and later with the Nikon D70 + kitzoom. Now m43 is my only gear, and of course I was a little bit nervous about how it would work out. Well, it worked fine to me! I had bought the 12-35mm for the occasion and used it for all pics. What a joy to work with that lens! Excellent sharpness & colour rendering, good FLs, that essential f2.8 option, plus being able to stop down a little for better IQ and still stay at f4.5. To my surprise I made much more use of the 12mm than I'd ever thought I would. I never was much of a 24mm-gal, but now it often was exactly what I needed.

The circumstances were, uhm, interesting The wedding ceremony was held at the end of the afternoon in the roofless ruin of a 18th century church. Slanting but strong tropical sunlight, the proverbial extremes of bridal white and groomy black taken to a next level of DR-challenges by stark shadows and blindingly sunlit patches and walls. And hardly any room to move and find better vantage points and angles, for people were standing in the way everywhere. Over shoulders and between moving elbows my camera was peeping while the newly weds put the rings on eachother's fingers, tenderly wrapping full hands around the beloved fingers.

Please see the nest post for the remainder of this post...

Ciao, Jeanette

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Very nice work Jeanette. And those names! Anna and Erik is about as Swedish as it gets. That's the main characters in an old and very well-known musical theater play, "Värmlänningarna", a traumatic love affair with happy ending of course. I guess people must have alluded to that in one or more of the wedding speeches.

Couldn't find a Wikipedia entry in English unfortunately. Probably a sign that this is something genuinely Swedish:

The couple I photographed were divorced the other day unfortunately, as you can see here:

I hope and think your Anna and Erik will have better luck.

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