A question regarding Hot Pixels

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A question regarding Hot Pixels

I have been reading these forums for a long time and recently decided to register and start to participate since I got a d800 on Friday and I was sure that I was going to have a few questions about it.

Firstly I have to say I was quite intimidated by all the negative posts I have been reading for 1 year (green tint, focus errors,etc...). Since I do mostly landscape I wasn't too afraid about the famous left-focus point error but much encouraged by the high pixel count and DR.

Now that I got it in my hands I am very surprised  the AF is very fast and accurate, the detail that gives the gigantic amount of pixels leaves a lot of room for cropping but especially for processing and why not downsampling with far superior results than what a 12mp would do for example.

Anyway, at this point everybody knows the details about this fantastic camera and I feel a little bit stupid by being so surprised that it is in fact the camera it says on paper and not that piece of crap some ppl have been describing on several forums (/trollmode on: certain camera manufacturer should invest less money in forum trollers and more in sensors, even if they have to buy them from another firm)

There is just one thing I have discovered while pixel peeping (there is no way to not do it with a d800 on your firsts days, it is so incredible), that would be hot pixels. I know hot pixels are always there, I had them on every camera, it's just that on my particular d800 there seem to be a lot of those. I compared a two 30s exposure with iso 1600 one on a d7000 and another on the d800 and the first one shows just a few white spots (without NR,etc... and straight raw import into LR with no adjustments) but on the d800 there are quite a few and colored ones. When I boost highlighs and clarity the ones on the d800 go a few pixels long in diferent colors and on the d7000 they are just one pixel sized and mostly monochrome.

On iso 100 and 1/50 there is 1 white pixel (with crossed blur), of course only noticeable on a black frame. iso 800 and 1/50 gets me a few more and it's already worse than the two I get on 30s 1600 on the d7000. So I wanted to know other d800 user's experiences in this field. From my point of view it should be the same as in the d7000, but then again there might be something I ignore about sensor designs. I also tried the same settings on a D3 and the results are similar to the d800, but the d3 is a much older sensor.

So the exact question would be, do you think my d800 has too many hotpixels?

I understand some might think that given the small size compared to the overall it should be negligible and since I never bothered on the D3 I should be ok with it but I do a lot of long exposures and I don't feel conformable spending 3k on a slighlty worse sample.

Here goes the sample, untouched, just through 4.1 LR

thanks in advance

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